PARTNAIR INDUSTRIES brings a new dimension of fire safety at the “Ososphère” festival in Strasbourg

The festival of digital cultures « Ososphère », which was held in Strasbourg from April 28th until May 7th 2017, entrusted PARTNAIR INDUSTRIES group to provide smoke evacuation of premises in case of a fire break out during celebrations.

In order to identify the needs and problems of the site, our experts in ventilation solutions initially carried out a smoke extraction engineering study in the buildings belonging to co-operatives situated in the former industrial area of Strasbourg. Thanks to several simulations, PARTNAIR INDUSTRIES was able to design and manufacture the needed equipment within a short time.

Testing the efficiency of the equipment installed

Subsequently, PARTNAIR INDUSTRIES’ team proceeded to the installation of the entire equipment, as the core of the smoke extraction system is being constituted of smoke extraction fans, designed to withstand temperatures up to 400 °C for two hours.


Installation of smoke extraction fans

PARTNAIR INDUSTRIES has also carried out efficiency tests of the installed equipment, in order to successfully accomplish this vital mission for the festival holding.

As the whole operation has been validated by the competent authorities, we can only wish to participants to enjoy this cultural event in complete safety.