Research and development

Airing and ventilation studies are realized from numerical modeling of concerned networks. They size:
  • Flow requirements (gas or liquids)
  • Geometrical characteristics of the network
  • Airflow characteristics of ventilators or pumps
These studies are made with specific softwares:


Aéro is software dedicated to underground mining ventilation meshed networks calculations. Those calculations are based on the HARDY-CROSS® method and allow determining airflow distribution and pressure loads in the network. Aéro calculates the functionning point of the main fans and takes into account the natural ventilation effects. Our software also determines modifications and disturbances on the ventilation connected to the presence of a fire.






AéroTen calculates the progress, in a meshed network, of a cork of harmful gas, emitted from a T time, in any given point of the ventilation network. Anytime, this software can gives, depending on time, the variation of the concerned gas content. (in the hypothesis of a continous broadcast to the source) or until its complete disappearance (in the case of the fixed-term broadcast).





AéroG is able to calculate a gallery’s aeraulic resistance, according to its geometrical characteristics:
  • shape of the gallery, section, type of recovering, type of retaining, friction coefficient
  • congestions and singular resistances


AéroSec handles the heterogeneous lines. It automatically introduces the vanishing lines in function of the calculation and the leakage coefficient determined by the user.
The software calculates the functionning point of the fan placed on his characterisc curve and the obtained airflow according to the progress of work. AeroSec takes the line forward according to a step of advancement determined by the user, and until a defined maximal length.
Finally, this software allows drawing the couples ventilator/column’s functionning abacuses. It permits to find solutions to maintain the wished airflow forehead. It also brings solutions for more complex cases.


From a non water-tight secondary ventilation’s line, the software determines the functionning’s point of the ventilator which allows to obtain, on output line, the desired airflo and residual pressure. AéroVen actively participates to the sizing of the material to be implemented.


From a mumber of measures made along a secondary ventilation line, the software supplies for every section, the linear resistance and leakage coefficient. This software is very usefull to characterize an existing installation we want to evaluate to improve or to extend by calculations.