Our expertise of the underground world, in particular of the mines and underground quarries recognised for their high standards of requirements but also of underground civil works, allows us to give assistance on the different phases of your tunnel excavation projects, either by a traditional drivage method or by the use of a tunnel-boring machine/ a tunnelling machine.

We intervene from the preliminary draft to determine the budgetary envelopes of the ventilation aspect, as well as the means of evacuation and fallback of the staff, until the execution, manufacturing and installation phases of the ventilation systems on your site.

Safety equipement for tunnelling machines 

The experience of tunnelling has repeatedly shown the need for pressurised refuge chambers as close as possible to the drivage and throughout the tunnel, to ensure the fallback of the staff in case of emergency.

In some cases, this refuge chamber can be integrated directly on the tunnelling machine, by adapting the architecture of the chamber.

Refuge chambers for tunnels have the particularity to be designed for the small spaces available.

PARTNAIR INDUSTRIES offers a complete set of refuge chambers adapted to technical and economic constraints of the mining environment.  These refuge chambers increase the chances of survival of the staff.

Equipped with the latest technology, the refuge chamber maintains an optimal air quality and a pressured atmosphere over a period of a few hours to a few days.

PARTNAIR INDUSTRIES designs ventilation systems for venting gases and dust, in order to guarantee the health and safety of the staff and to increase the productivity of your excavation work.

Our ventilation systems can be connected to the site’s security supervision. This increased ventilation includes monitoring equipment to perform predictive maintenance.

Our teams will ensure the ability of your equipment to adapt to the phasing of your site.