Mines and quarries

With skills emanating from"Charbonnages de France" and more precisely from the Coal fields of Lorraine, AVEC Ingénierie France, subsidiary of PARTNAIR INDUSTRIES, applies its experience and its technicality at its clients’ needs.
Before any study request, we suggest you to establish a statement of the current situation of your construction site by measures and factual elements. The main objective is to establish observations for the implementation of corrective actions.

Airing studies

Airing is a vital function of the underground quarries and mines.

Main airing studies:

  • Natural ventilation: study of the resistance of galleries in the traffic of air or gases
  • Studies of the concept of ventilation for the underground areas
  • Recommendation and IT modelling of ventilation networks
  • Improvement and optimization of existing installations
  • Compliance monitoring of the conformity with regard to the regulations (RGIE, labor code, recommendations ...)

Secondary airing studies:


Studies and special measures

Our studies concern specific issues and studies including the presence of fire in a meshed network.
Study of piping network: sizing study of piping networks for transportation and hydraulic distribution and compressed air.
Study of air conditioning system: modeling of climatic conditions leading to a sizing study of the necessary refrigeration plants.
Study of filtration system (dust removal): sizing study of filter system with innovative and adapted technologies.



Fire simulation: the effects of a fire on a ventilation system in a underground area and study of the precautionary measures.


Our equipments

PARTNAIR INDUSTRIES proposes ventilation and airing equipment for rent and for sale, leasing included.
Ventilation: we have a wide range of ventilators offering multiple possibilities according to the peculiarities of your sector.
Filtration: PARTNAIR INDUSTRIES adapts himself to your demands and designed a process innovating regarding filtration answering your various problems.
Mining air conditioning: we have materials dedicated to the air conditioning of the underground mines and quarries.


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