Underground mine ventilation: indispensable aspect for mines and quarries

Underground mine ventilation: a vital function

Ventilation is a vital function of underground quarries and mines. Defining its parameters (speed, direction, gas composition ...) must be established and monitored regularly.

Ventilation is designed to keep the atmosphere of the underground spaces consistent with safety and health of staff.



It is necessary for that to:

  • ensure workers breathing
  • to bring fresh air for the operation of internal combustion engines
  • diluting the harmful gas exploitation

In many underground quarries, ventilation is natural. Dans de nombreuses carrières souterraines, la ventilation est naturelle. However, it is important to ensure that the ventilation flow is sufficient in all weathers and all seasons and take the necessary measures in case of reversal ventilation.

If natural ventilation is not sufficient, mechanical fan must be used to establish the main air current.