Whow for?

Our formations concern professionals of civil engineering, mines and quarries and industry sectors. Our trainings have a key role in raising awareness regarding safety regulations.


Which objectives?


To be familiar with the risks linked to poison and harmful gases in the underground and confined areas.

Technical support

To become aware of the existence or not of a confined space, the importance of appropriate ventilation. Master the principles of ventilation and the elementary safety rules.

Specific training

To be able of knowing and acquiring the theoretical notions and the practices of ventilation and airing



Themes of formations

The educational contents are fixed according to the particular needs for each. Various modules allow to acquire an additional experience in terms of technicality and measure in several environments.

Training in underground areas:
  • Methods of airing studies d’études de l’aérage
  • Measurements techniques
  • Simulation on computers
Training in confined areas:
  • Measurements techniques of ventilation in ducts