Company history

Our enterprise is located in the north-eastern part of Moselle, the " Lorraine Coal Basin " is one of the two major coalfields in France.
Named also " The Life Basin of Moselle-East ", in the Sixties, it allowed living two thirds of the population with resources obtained from the extractive industry.
In 1974, Jean-Marc BERTOLOTTI, at that time a young engineer, joins " Charbonnages de France " (the public industrial and commercial establishment that manages the coal industry). He devotes himself to " Lorraine Coal Basin " mines ventilation and acts daily to safeguard the working conditions and improve safety for mine workers.
Thanks to his experience and unique know-how, it was here, in the heart of the " Coal Basin Lorrain ", that he decided to create in 2001 AVEC, a firm of engineering consultants which later, gave birth to PARTNAIR INDUSTRIES Group.
In 2008, the son of the founder, Jean BERTOLOTTI, joins the Company In order to introduce a new dynamic. It is in this way that he launches design, manufacture, rental and sales activities of ventilation equipment, by creating " SYSVEN " in 2015.
Today, PARTNAIR INDUSTRIES Group pursues its founder's work and provides daily expertise and innovative solutions to safeguard the health and improve working conditions for workers in strenuous occupations.

A word from the President, Jean BERTOLOTTI

" Created in 2016, PARTNAIR INDUSTRIES and its subsidiaries are committing to provide to their customers, airing and ventilation solutions adapted to their specific issues in underground and closed work sites.
I have decided, in my capacity as President of the PARTNAIR INDUSTRIES Group, to focus our quality policy towards the establishment of a quality management system, on its implementation and the extent of its effectiveness. Our policy must be able to meet customer requirements, the regulatory and legal framework and the international development of our activities ".


A word from the General Manager, Jean-Marc BERTOLOTTI


" The company activity at such is a long standing activity. PARTNAIR INDUSTRIES is born from AVEC company, created in 2001 and specialized in underground mining ventilation studies and advices. Our skills and competences emanate from " Charbonnages de France " and more precisely from the " Lorraine Coal Bassin ". Today, the Group has deployed its skills all other the world. It has thus become an expert in air quality in confined spaces in France and abroad ".


  • 2001: creation of AVEC, research department
  • 2005: creation of the equipment departement
  • 2008: creation of the training departement
  • 2010: creation of AVEC El Djazaïr (Algeria)
  • 2013: creation of AVEC Italy (Sardinia)
  • 2014: AVEC Research departement and his subsidiaries became: AVEC Ingénierie France -  AVEC Ingénierie Italie - AVEC Ingénierie Maghreb
  • 2015: creation of  SYSVEN
  • 2016: merger of the societies and creation of PARTNAIR INDUSTRIES
  • 2016: the subsidiary SYSVEN changes its name to become PARTNAIR équipements
  • 2016:  creation of a subsidiary PARTNAIR INDUSTRIES Asean in Hanoi (Vietnam)