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Expert in airing and ventilation in underground and confined spaces, PARTNAIR INDUSTRIES and its subsidiaries will lead you in your projects with innovative solutions tailored to your needs.

PARTNAIR INDUSTRIES follows an approach of constant innovation in order to further develop its over 40 year’s expertise with Charbonnages de France.

Based in France, the Group also has branches in Italy, Algeria and Vietnam and operates internationally.

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Our expertise is based on four levels which give us the capacity to solve rather complex problems:

– Skills acquired during 40 years with « Charbonnages de France »

– A constant will to innovate to keep our expertise to its highest level

– An optimum reactivity

– A total adaptability to your needs

Working with PARTNAIR INDUSTRIES, it is the assurance of a turnkey solution adapted to your problems of ventilation in civil works, tunnels, mines and quarries.


Our company is located in the North-East of Moselle, in the « Bassin houillerd de Lorraine » which was one of the two major coalfields in France.

In 1974, Jean-Marc BERTOLOTTI, at that time a young engineer, joins “Charbonnages de France » (Public establishment of an industrial and commercial character created in 1946 to manage the French coal mines). He is dedicated to the ventilation of mines in the Lorraine coalfield and acts daily to preserve working conditions and improve the safety of miners.

Thanks to his unique expertise, it was here in Forbach that he decided to create in 2001 the Engineering office AVEC, which later gave birth to the PARTNAIR INDUSTRIES Group.

In 2008, Jean BERTOLOTTI, son of the founder, joins the company to give it a new dynamic. This is how he launched the business of designing, manufacturing, renting and selling ventilation equipment by creating the company PARTNAIR Equipments in 2015.

Today, the PARTNAIR INDUSTRIES Group provides its expertise and innovative solutions on a daily basis to protect the health and improve the working conditions of employees working in enclosed, underground or confined environments.

A word from the CEO, Jean BERTOLOTTI

“Created in 2016, PARTNAIR INDUSTRIES and its subsidiaries are committing to provide to their customers, airing and ventilation solutions adapted to their specific issues in underground and closed work sites.

I have decided, in my role as President of the PARTNAIR INDUSTRIES Group, to focus our quality policy towards the establishment of a quality management system, on its implementation and the extent of its effectiveness. Our policy must be able to meet customer requirements, to answer to regulatory and legal framework and to our wishes for international development of our activities « .

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A word from the Director General, Jean-Marc BERTOLOTTI

“The business activity as such is not new. Originally, the PARTNAIR INDUSTRIES Group was created by AVEC in 2001, specialized in studies and advice on ventilation techniques. Competences emanating from the «Charbonnages de France» and more specifically from the « Bassin houiller Lorrain ».

Today, the Group has deployed its expertise throughout the world. It has become an expert on air quality in confined spaces in France and abroad.”



With its subsidiaries AVEC Ingénierie and PARTNAIR Equipments, the Group PARTNAIR INDUSTRIES offers a recognized expertise in airing and ventilation for confined and underground areas.

Our subsidiaries provide you with a range of innovative and comprehensive solutions to ensure air quality and safety for your employees.

International development

On June 1st 2016, a new subsidiary based in Hanoi (Vietnam) was created. It is the third overseas branch created in three years, after Italy and the Maghreb. PARTNAIR INDUSTRIES ASEAN will deploy our range of services in Southeast Asia: technical studies, designing, rental and sale of equipment.

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