Secures your projects in underground and confined area

Partners of your underground safety solutions 40 years of expertise in the ventilation and refuge chambers fields

PARTNAIR INDUSTRIES offers a comprehensive expertise as well as modern and innovative solutions in ventilation and safety for the underground mining and quarrying, civil works, tunnels and coal mining industries.

Over 40 years with Charbonnages de France, the group has acquired a unique expertise and strong skills that are focusing on three trades : engineering, equipment and training.

Our refuge chambers and ventilation systems provide a secure environment for mining and quarrying workers.

Our refuge chambers are specially designed to be used in confined areas (during your work).

Our refuge chambers are an integral component of the fire protection plan for an underground tunnel project.

Our refuge chambers protect workers for common coal mine incidents.

We characterize your ventilation needs, to adapt them to the majority of your underground works, according to the CATEC system.

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Our added values

High-performance equipment

Our refuge chambers and ventilation systems incorporate advanced technologies (ou the latest technologies) which allow them to function according to your real constraints in order to offer you a high level of productivity and safety, both in confined and underground areas.

Research, development and innovations

Our R&D team designs innovative equipment and solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s/current and future problems. We are continuously trying to adapting our work methods to offer our clients turnkey solutions.

Customer services

Our mobile, dynamic and responsive teams enable us to design, implement and monitor your installations without geographical limitations. They can also monitor (and ensure) the proper operation of your equipment remotely.